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Paint Protection for Vehicles

Stone-Shield by Klingshield is the latest product to be introduced into the car treatment centre at Klingshield’s head office in Johannesburg.

Stone-Shield polyurethane film was developed in the United States of America and is leading technology originally used for helicopter rotor blades to protect them against corrosive elements such as sand and dust at ultra high speeds during difficult environmental conditions.

We are privileged to be able to offer this product to our customers to protect their vehicles during extreme offroad conditions. This thick high quality, high performance, transparent film is designed to specifically preserve the beauty and value of your vehicle.

The appearance of your vehicle will not change as the thick puncture proof, tear proof, polyurethane film is virtually invisible. It is ideal for protecting painted surface in high wear and tear areas from stones, gravel, insects, tree sap, bird droppings,etc. which can be removed easily without any trace, leaving a brilliant shine on your “like-new” painted surface.

Paint Protection

Extreme offroad conditions will protect your 4 x 4’s paint throughout all these harsh conditions.

This product is a 21st century technology paint protection barrier and will also give protection against environmental contamination such as acid rain or alkaline pollution and hard water deposits.

Stone-Shield is available with a 7 year warranty and can be removed with ease after a number of years and will leave your car looking like new, with no fading of paintwork should the car owner want to sell his car.

This product is fitted to headlights, bumpers, doors, fenders, mirrors and boot sections.

The installation of Stone-Shield is carried out by professional artisans who have a passion for their trade and deliver a virtually invisible coating to the body of your car.

Prices vary depending on the size of the car and should you require more information and most frequently asked questions about Stone-Shield please view our website for further information.



Paint Protection