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Window Film Distributor

Klingshield Film Distributors

To be a window film distributor one has to understand the business inside out and upside down. Window film distribution is an good business as one imports the film from a manufacturer, puts it on the shelf and redistributes it to the installers.

Distributors act as a middleman and are responsible for holding stock. As they say in the classics “if you haven’t got the stock you can’t do the business”

The trick of distribution is to have the right stock at the right time and also to turn over your stock every three months. Dead stock lying on shelves is a liability and distributors should watch their stock levels very carefully and discount slow moving items.

To be a distributor of window film, one needs to be a window film expert as well as understand the value and quality of various manufacturers products. As a distributor, one should have one’s own research and development facility as well as a testing farm to ensure that the best products are available to their customers.

Window film distributors need to understand all aspects of the window film installers business, as they need to advise and ensure that their customer base succeeds. The more successful their customers are, the more successful the distributor will be.

Klingshield has been distributing window film for 40 years and understands how to establish new dealers and installers and make sure they succeed. To succeed in the window film business, one needs to understand the different aspects as listed below:

Advertising and marketing

A distributor should offer it’s customer base good quality ads ready set for print, covering the various markets available in the window film business.
Good looking brochures creating a professional look is important as well as quality, copy and information. Ready made press releases and articles are also important when it comes to marketing in the window film business.

Radio ads and television clips will help a dealer or installer improve their business and at the same time, reinforces the distributors name or brand product in the public’s mind.

Where and when to advertise is also important and testing of various medium is a must to make sure that the distributor/installer gets the best value for money for his advertising buck.Klingshield will cotinue to market its products across the spectrum of media to keep brand awareness at a high level which will support its customers base.

Education for the dealer and installer

Roadshows are an impressive and valuable way to market one’s product or brand to their customers. An eye to eye discussion with clients builds confidence in one’s clients to ensure success. Continuous newsletters and information need to be supplied to the customer to ensure that they portray the right image when dealing with a distributor’s brand and product.Klingshield ensures the film goes onto windows and does not colled dust in warehouses

Latest Installation Techniques

Academies and workshops play an important role when educating dealers and window film installers. Window film schools and academies should be run periodically to ensure that dealers and installers understand new techniques and how to apply new products which are available from the distributor from time to time.

General Business Know-How

It is important for distributors to offer their customers general business information such as cash flow, targeting and sales forecasting. As mentioned previously, the better equipped the dealer/installer is, the more successful they will be and in turn, the more successful the distributor will be.

Be ahead in offering the latest innovative products. The dealer/installer wants to feel comfortable and know that they are in safe hands at all times. Offering new products will enhance the dealer/installer’s business and improve their sales and bottom line.

Sales Techniques

It is also important for the distributor to educate its customers on how to sell and break into new markets using the correct solution for the window film related problem. How to close a deal is also important by offering the alternative choice, i.e. the bronze or the grey. Selling is an art in itself and specialised professional sales techniques are available and the distributor should make sure that they are able to offer their customers excellent sales techniques to ensure that they close as many of their enquiries as possible.For strong auto sales in dealerships one need to premote one's company and brand and connect to car sales people,selling after sales products in dealerships within your area.


A distributor should be able to offer their customer base service with a smile. Quick turnaround periods ,cut to length,or cut off the roll of film in a particular style and type. Therefore the installer only buys what he requires for a particular installation. He knows how much it is going to cost and he can quickly work out his profit margin on each and every job. Cut to size also helps the installer when the distributor keeps the waste and the installer only pays for the film required to do the installation, thereby avoiding a waste factor and saving..

Packaging and Delivery

A distributor should ensure that all packages leaving their despatch are well packed in secure boxes. The correct type of film must be identified on the box and the package must look like a million dollars. It is amazing how after all these years in business I find distributors wrapping film in black plastic garbage bags for protection.

In conclusion one needs to realise that to be in the distribution business, one needs to offer a unique package to ensure longevity of your customers. One also needs to bear in mind that the more money your customer makes the more money the distributor will make. It is a “win win win” for all.